spam - Blog & Forum SPAM Detection releases Tools able to detect and block unwanted posts inside Blogs and Forums.

I use them for some days on this site and I'm very happy !

Here is what I wrote to Steve Kemp, the creator of

Education: the ultimate weapon against SPAM

Educating Internet users would help a lot in the battle against SPAM.
Education is also useful for a lot of other activities !

As long as people will believe that someone will give them graciously millions of dollars against some miscellaneous cost or they will live better and longer using some drugs that could kill them, spammer will have many good days ahead for themselves !

How could Google deter forevermore spammers to spam Gmail users

Thanks to the Spam button, any Gmail user can quickly report new SPAM to Google.
Google can collect reports from thousand of users and maintains a list of spamming sources and deny new emails from them.
This list is nothing more than a RBL.

The struggle against SPAM is a political problem more than a technical one

I thing SPAM is more a political problem than a technical one !
A lot of smart technical solutions exist for a long time now but SPAM remains a problem.
Main mail service providers like Google and Hotmail could choose and impose new rules in mail exchange to the community, by rejecting mails from servers not following them. Then I thing SPAM would be reduced to the minimum.

My solution below is deliberately superficial because a real solution would require long debate of mail gurus to avoid any weakness. I'm only one and maybe not a guru :-)

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