Here are some softwares I made for the public domain.


MKSBackup is a free front-end for common backup tools like MS Windows ntbackup, and it successor wbadmin, Un*x tools like tar, but also popular ghettoVCB to backup Virtual Machine on VMware ESX(i) host.

Python easy mail (pyzmail)

pyzmail is a high level mail library for Python. It provides functions and classes that help to read, compose and send emails.

Tcp Proxy Reflector

Tcp Proxy Reflector is a network tool including a client and a server application providing an exclusive feature. The server acts as a proxy sitting between a user and a client. The user activates a forwarder on the server to access one of the resource available through the connected client. This forwarder forwards new connections to the client. Then the client forwards the connection up to the local resource.

SRP authentication for python

srplib is a python library providing SRP authentication capabilities to your python applications.
SRP stand for Secure Remote Password protocol. This protocol performs secure remote authentication.