January 2011

TCP Proxy Reflector

Tcp Proxy Reflector is a network tool allowing access to internal network resources inside a LAN by the way of a local client connected to a internet server, forwarding connection up to the client.

Adding OVH fail-over IPs to our pfSense 1.2.X configuration

This follow the article about the configuration of a pfSense 1.2.X firewall here

This last one explains how to include IPs fail-over in the configuration.

DMZ are often misunderstood

From the LAN side, DMZ is as dangerous as the Internet itself !

Setup a pfSense 1.2.X firewall when default gateway is on a different subnet

In this article I explain how to configure a pfSense firewall version 1.2.3 when the default gateway is on a different subnet as the block of IP you get from your ISP or hosting provider. pfSense i s a free firewall solution.
Here is another solution for a pfSense 2.0.