August 2011

pyzmail : a high level mail library for Python

pyzmail is a high level mail library for Python. It provides functions and classes that help to read, compose and send emails. pyzmail exists because their is no reasons that handling mails with Python would be more difficult than with popular mail clients like Outlook or Thunderbird. pyzmail hide the difficulties of the MIME structure and MIME encoding/decoding. It also hide the problem of the internationalized header encoding/decoding.

pyzmail homepage

Adding OVH fail-over IPs to our pfSense 2.X configuration

This follow the article about the configuration of a pfSense 2.0 firewall here

This last one explains how to include IPs fail-over in the configuration.

Setup a pfSense 2.0 firewall when default gateway is on a different subnet

I have written a better article, using the firewall in transparent mode here .

This article has been updated for pfSense 2.0. The original article about pfSense 1.2.X has moved here.

pfsense : configure the keymap

To change the keymap of your keyboard you can use :

kbdcontrol -l be.iso.kbd

For a list of all keymap, look inside directory /usr/share/syscons/keymaps, here are some:

  • be.iso.kb
  • fr.iso.kbd
  • uk.iso.kbd
  • us.iso.kbd
  • german.iso.kbd

Add support for google analytics to epydoc

In fact the code is already in epydoc documentation but nowhere in the sources, even in the SVN repository ! I wrote this patch myself, using the code I found in the documentation.

To use it, you have to specify your google analytics Id like this :

generate and send mail with python: tutorial

The code and tips here, are all included in the new pyzmail library. More samples and tips can be found in the API documentation.