- Blog & Forum SPAM Detection releases Tools able to detect and block unwanted posts inside Blogs and Forums.

I use them for some days on this site and I'm very happy !

Here is what I wrote to Steve Kemp, the creator of

I like to read my log, see the "add comment" attempt, see the "Rejected as spam" counter increase and see no spam inside my blog :-)
I get more pleasure when I test the IP of a failed attempt on Stop Forum Spam site and get it positive.

The tools are in two parts:

The client part that you must install in your blog or forum web site. Their is one plugin for Drupal (the one I use), Wordpress or ikiwiki. Code samples in Python, Ruby and Perl exists to write your own plugin.
The server part that receive requests from the clients and must response if yes or not this is a SPAM. The server part is written in Perl and can be installed on any server. let people use its own server.

Depending the client configuration, the server can test more than 10 parameters of each request :

  • does the sender IP is in the Stop Forum Spam list ?
  • does the email address is valid or not
  • does the post contains some well know URLs or email addresses ?
  • ...

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