VMware ESXi backup speed: compare NFS, FTP, RSYNC and SSH

Here are some numbers you can take as reference when backing up your VMware ESX(i) using MKSbackup or MKSBackup use script to backup VMware VM to disk or to NFS shares. MKSBackup can upload or download your backed up disks using FTP or SSH together with the running backup as soon as the first disk is done.

Run rsync in server mode on VMware ESXi 4.0

This procedure has been tested on ESXi 4.0 only

First I was unable to upload files through rsync running in server mode !!! Only downloads are working ! rsync can also be started using a remote shell like ssh using -e option. Used this way, rsync can be used to download and upload. Anyway the use of the ssh layer and its encryption increase CPU load.

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