1992 Q3 First Linux install

I had the use of Un*x system when studying at Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve and wanted one on my PC too. I got a SCO Unix for i386 and used it to improve my knowledge of C language and C-Shell scripting. SCO was heavy, a little slow, austere and sad, of course I had no mail or talk to disturb friends. When I heard about a new Free Un*x distribution including the kernel sources, I wanted to try it ! It was released on about 20 floppy disks. It was the first Linux distribution called SLS.
I dropped my SCO partition and installed it on a 20Mo (yes Mega not Giga) partition of my 68Mo Hard disk. I get the Login: prompt and was able to login as root ! But I had few documentation and no manual pages ! I tried to play with it, but with the wrong keyboard layout and no documentation I gave up and switched back to SCO Unix. Some week later a got a new version including the MAN page, some FAQ and some HOWTO, enough to start working with it for real. Since then I always have a Linux distribution on all my PC !