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From http://www.haiku-os.org/about :

Haiku is an open source operating system currently in development that specifically targets personal computing. Inspired by the Be Operating System, Haiku aims to become a fast, efficient, simple to use, easy to learn and yet very powerful system for computer users of all levels.

What I like the most is the logo.
The web site is very pleasant and has a lot of documentation , screenshot, ....

I have downloaded the 280Mo of the ISO file and installed Haiku in a VMware VM with 256Mo RAM and 2Go HD.
I'm impressed. Very easy to install, just the keyboard and the hardisk to setup.

WebPositive, the web-browser (a port of Firefox2) works smoothly. I was able to mount a NFS share and look some video with the MediaPlayer.

In a terminal, bash is running and most of the unix tools are available. Even Python 2.6 is available !

Do we need one more Operating System ? Yes, we need ! Because have the choice is better than have no choice.


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