How fast Redhat and Fedora fix bugs

For long time now, I'm reporting bugs to the open source community. A lot of time, I have also submitted patches.

For the first time, one bug has been fixed in the day ! The test case was easy to reproduce and the fix was already know, this helped a lot.

This was a bug about well know tar package in Fedora 14 and RedHat EL6. This was about doing incremental backup. The bug was gone in latest tar release, but both distributions where still using a previous version.

I got a discussion with the two maintainers of the package for Fedora and RedHat (yes this is the same package, with the same name, but they are two different people :-) ), both where very friendly and they released a fix the same day !

I had already reported a lot of but for the old RedHat Linux in the past, but never got a friendly discussion or even a quick fix !

Maybe things are changing.

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